Sunday, 11 June 2017

Nonduality Explained The Dining table

If you're lucky enough in meditation, you can come to the point where you cannot take it anymore. You should come right up against your resistance to the moment and will believe that you have to get up, you have to distract yourself using this moment. Meditation will end up also uncomfortable.

If you never remain true and run to your kitchen to consume a dessert, you will scratch your nose. If you do not damage your nose, you will shake about in your seat. If you may not wiggle in your chair, you will distract your self along with your thinking. You'll judge the meditation as a disappointment; that you did not obtain the satisfaction that you got yesterday and you will try to escape from it.

It is the natural answer, since it is not just that you will be resilient to the moment, you're the resistance to this moment. You occur as the resistance to the moment.

And therefore the task is in meditation when you discover your self in weight, could you discover a way within you to ultimately submit yourself fully to the moment. Could you discover a way to give yourself up therefore that there surely is just that moment.

Because stress and struggle can just only occur between two split up things. Tension can only just occur in duality. There has to be you and this moment for strain to exist.

If you will find a means at a subtle level to submit that "you" that is split out of this time, this "you" that is in struggle with this specific moment, then all which will be remaining may be the nonduality of this moment. All that will be remaining is awareness. There might be number tension in nonduality. There can be number struggle if you have only oneness here.

Then you learn to keep as this nondual formlessness. You discover ways to be without having to agreement into being you.

If you approach this time along with your religious values and understanding and all of the judgments that include that, if you approach this time as a person trying to get something using this moment, you'll never reach this moment. You'll never attain nonduality and oneness.

But if you should be willing to provide everything up even just for this moment then you will discover true peace. If you are prepared to let go of your self and allow your self belong to nonduality then you can certainly experience oneness and the flexibility that accompany that.

Often teachings of nonduality and oneness have the fake idea that having an enlightened teacher is wrong. And this can be a fake understanding. If you will find an enlightened teacher who is already surviving in circumstances of oneness, then just by sitting with that teacher, their own state of oneness is transferred to you through Shakti/deeksha- the energy vibration that's felt as bliss that arises out of nonduality. This really is undoubtedly the simplest way to see oneness and attain self realization.

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